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SMB leaders with the shared goal of achieving $100M in revenue Or value!

SMB leaders with the shared goal of achieving $100M in revenue Or value!

SMB leaders with the shared goal of achieving $100M in revenue Or value!SMB leaders with the shared goal of achieving $100M in revenue Or value!SMB leaders with the shared goal of achieving $100M in revenue Or value!

sharing career mastery with others earned many testimonIALs

David Buckholtz, SVP, Corp Info Tech, Sony Pictures


          "Steve Pfrenzinger helped me collect, interpret, and take action on valuable feedback at a critical juncture in my career. At the time it was very insightful, especially as Steve unlocked hidden perceptions that I doubt would have surfaced in a traditional 360 process. He then coached me through improving my interactions with key executive partners and improving my personal brand. Today I still call on Steve for advice at key times and use what I learned from him to coach and challenge my staff."

Maria Rebula, Marketing Advertising Manager at Hendrick Automotive Group


"Everybody needs a coach. Just a few months before my 30th birthday, I was exploring new career opportunities and was in need of some guidance. Coach Steve’s approach to finding career paths where I was naturally “wired for success” completely changed my approach to the job search and the possible opportunities I had in front of me. His ability to read and understand a person’s gifts, needs, and natural talents was instrumental in showing me my potential and guiding me on a new path forward. That combined with his no-nonsense “mastering the mind” techniques allowed me to get out of my own head and into the actionable “now”. Coach Steve has an unwavering commitment to the success of his clients and is an absolute must-have for anyone looking for insights on their next career move and how to take massive-action towards finding their mission and purpose."

Allen Fazio, CIO, Houlihan Lokey, xDisney


"Steve Pfrenzinger led my Disney team through exercises to better understand different types of personalities in the workplace.  This led to the ability to quickly type others during new interactions (aka "fast typing"). As a result, we experienced a dramatic improvement in our business engagements, our ability to better understand our users, to create better requirement documents and to build a higher performing organization." 

Lisa Berube, Division Director, The Creative Group


"Coach Steve has been integral in my success professionally and personally! I started working with Coach when I was entering the job market and his coaching and guidance has helped me reach and continue to hit my goals!  Steve's Personality Typing technique, problem solving methods, and continued coaching is something that I go back to regularly.  And, he has helped me make good career and business decisions based on my natural talents and gifts (and neutralize my weaknesses)! Coach is very approachable, a great listener, even-keeled, funny, generous, kind and extremely intelligent.  Coach Steve genuinely wants what is best for you professionally and personally and will go above and beyond to help you discover any blind spots in pursuit of your maximum potential!   Coach Steve is the best secret weapon you can have!"

Ben Julianel, Partner, Tax & Financial Group


  "I have benefitted greatly from Steve Pfrenzinger’s coaching throughout my professional career, from a new Financial Advisor to Partner at my firm.  His ability from day one to take nuggets of wisdom, constructive feedback and unendling inspiration from some of the best-known authors, speakers, and thought leaders, and distribute them to me in bite-sized quantifies to help me along my challenging journey has been hugely impactful.  Most importantly, Steve helped me understand where I was “wired for success” in business and that I was best suited for a career in sales, which is not what I envisioned, but he was absolutely right.  If you are considering a career in sales and have big goals, and want certainty in your pursuits, guidance on your journey, you should definitely talk to Coach Steve!” 

Bre Hance, Owner and Principal Designer, InHance Interiors


"Coach Steve came into my life and helped me navigate where I was headed career-wise at a very pivotal time in my life. Being a collegiate athlete, I was unsure of what I wanted to do professionally, what my skill-set even was, and how to utilize my non-tangible skills I had picked up while playing. Steve helped me figure all this out, and one way he did that was by exposing me to Myers Briggs and helping me identify what my personality type was and how to utilize my strengths and minimize my weaknesses. After immersing myself in this and learning what I’m naturally drawn to and what types of industries I’d thrive in, I was headed for success. From there, Steve continued to help me navigate the work force by motivating me, offering guidance and support when needed on my journey, and was a constant sounding board throughout my growth and still is! He taught me, and I still use this saying all the time- “it’s about how many people know you, like you, and trust you” and I use it as my North Star to this day."

Ken Petersen, Owner and Co-Founder, Tax & Financial Group


"As an owner and co-founder of Tax & Financial Group I have seen the power of Steve Pfrenzinger’s coaching in multiple ways. He developed and helped implement a new top-of-funnel marketing plan for new and experienced advisors to penetrate the business owners market.  It included surveys, presentations and tactics to speed new customer acquisitions.   His insightful personality analysis of our team members helped us all be more effective in our workplace relationships.  And finally he recruited, helped train and was directly influential in our acquiring one of the best performers in our firm's history, now a partner. I highly recommend Steve to anyone trying to build a great organization and high-performing teams!"

Ken Venner, CIO, Peak6, xSpaceX, xBroadcom


“While at Broadcom Coach Steve used his proven ‘branding’ coaching model to help me understand how I was perceived by others.  Through his constructive feedback I realized some key weaknesses, that Steve helped me work through/around, which dramatically improved my leadership and mentorship capabilities.  I am grateful to Steve for guiding me to become the executive/leader/coach that I was hoping to be, and leveraging those skills to enable others to also become successful.”

Barb Munro, Partner and Co-Founder, The Carrera Agency


“I've known Steve both personally and professionally for almost 30 years. Even before he officially embarked on executive coaching, I considered him an insightful, compassionate, and trusted confidant that I could turn to for personal and career advice. He really listens, and has a unique ability to quickly identify people's innate personality traits (i.e. how they are "wired") leading them to better understand themselves and others, as well as determine optimal career paths where they are wired for success. Steve's a strong proponent of taking charge of your personal brand and his coaching is truly  introspective and enlightening!” 

Dean Wiener, Sales Exec/Trainer, TIBCO


"Like a computer-guided missile, Coach Steve is deadly accurate at assessing your strengths and weaknesses, your personal brand and targeting the right career moves.  He is smart, intuitive, compassionate and a highly skilled exec coach. Working with Steve over the last 2+ decades has been a pure joy." 

Brian Manfred, Sr. Clinical Sales Rep at Intuitive Surgical


"Coach Steve is an outstanding mentor who always seems to know what to say and when to say it.  More importantly, he is an active and engaging listener.  His investments in me have been felt through impactful dialogue and deep perspective sharing.  He helped me better understand my natural strengths and weaknesses and how to use them in my business.  Coach is a true problem solver and has helped me deal with and solve co-worker issues and even new job opportunities.  I always step away from our time together and his constructive feed with a fresh and productive outlook.  He’s a committed advisor who provides various tools for self evaluation and development.  With decades of experience as an entrepreneur and business leader, Steve leverages his success and failures for others to learn.  If you are interested in becoming more effective in all aspects of your life, personal and professional, I highly recommend Steve Pfrenzinger!"

Stephen Errico, Entrepreneur, xPrice Waterhouse


"Steve Pfrenzinger has been my coach and mentor for over 20+ years, during my early entrepreneurial days and my time as a Price Waterhouse partner and beyond.  He helped me realize where in life I was “wired for success” and how to use those deep insights to become unstoppable in pursuit of my goals.  He also taught me how to stay in the moment, the present, and how that could quiet the voice that speaks to us, often negatively in support of limiting beliefs.  Actually, when that point became truly clear to me, that I was free of “the voice”, I had a euphoric moment, an epiphany, that I can remember to this day.  I would strongly suggest that if you or your team need a performance coach, a mental (head) coach to help stay energized and committed to your journey, you should engage with the best, that’s Coach Steve Pfrenzinger."   

Tim Hurja, Senior Sale Rep, Robbins Research

"Coach Steve is the reason I was selected from a large group of candidates to work directly with Tony Robbins back in 2011. He coached me on so many levels, including how my personality type had me "wired for success".  His comprehensive and timely feedback helped me  better understand and communicate with my family and others, including potential clients,   He also helped me realize my true strengths and potential  and coached me how to land my current "Dream" position with Tony as one of his few Senior Personal Results Specialist (top 5 in the world).  Coach Steve is simply the best of the best and fearless to take on and reove the huge blind spots that we all have as ambitious professionals." 

Mary Brown, Managing Director, Grow Local USA


"Where do I start?  Steve Pfrenzinger has been coaching me since 2003. He helped me understand my true strengths in business and where I'm "wired for success".  He supplied me with the insights, honest feedback and tools needed to make decisions that led me to live "life" on my terms.  Coach Steve helped me better manage my mind and that voice that often speaks to us in negative ways.  I became able to use my creative mind more effectively and not let it control me, but rather me control it.  All this while teaching me skills to not only support my strengths, but understand and neutralize my weaknesses.  And how to pick the best talent in order to surround myself with the best team possible. Business is a sport and I have The best coach! Thank you Coach Steve! "

Brandon Hance, CEO, The RUN Group, xInhance Media


"Steve Pfrenzinger has been an instrumental force in my life and career.  His insight and guidance have profoundly shaped who I am as an entrepreneur and human being.  Coach helped me discover that my future was in business and not in sports, as I at first thought.  And, he explained in detail why that was true, based on my personality type and its mental and physical characteristics.  Simply amazing.  He has an extraordinary capacity to care about his students that is truly one of a kind.  Whether you're launching a new venture, picking a new career, building a management team or optimizing your personal performance, Coach Steve will deliver transformative results for YOU!"

Bob Houghton, Global CIO, Volt Information Sciences, xWestern Digital, xNetApp


"Throughout several CIO tenures over the last 18 years, Steven Pfrenzinger has been instrumental in my growth as a leader, partner, and coach to my

IT staff and my peers. Unlike other Executive Coaches, Steven never wavers from his commitment to mentor, challenge, provide feedback and teach me the skills and lessons I need to be mentally strong and better myself as a professional and as a leader. The lessons are full of constructive feedback and can be tough, but they are always valuable and they work! His style and humility help in that you know his effort to make you better as an individual and professional is genuine and comes from his years of training and experience. His methods are proven and sound, but above all, they have been consistent over time. I am extremely grateful for his friendship and tutorship."

Nick Newsom, CEO and Founder, Ytel Communications



"Coach Steve has provided me with amazing insights into my natural strengths and weaknesses as a CEO, my “giftedness” as he calls it.  These have already proven very helpful in both my personal and professional life.  He even prepared a 3-ring binder of information for me (he calls it my personal “Owner’s Manual”) to use as a reference guide when situations arise that need careful evaluation.  One section provided guidance on how to manage that “voice in our head” that often speaks in ways that limit us or detract from positive outcomes.  Coach Steve even conducted a branding survey for me that included feedback that contained both confirmation and surprises that were actionable and hugely impactful.  He also has a way with words and can take a set of conceptual bullets and turn them into eloquent and impactful text that can be used in many messaging situations. He even settled a long running dispute at my firm, at less than half of what I thought it would cost.   Every executive needs a coach, especially one like Steve Pfrenzinger."

Jess Moore - CEO & Co-Founder, 3|SHARE,  xOracle


""Coach Steve has been a friend and mentor for 10+ years. The breadth of Steve’s experience coupled with a deep sense of integrity has made him an invaluable sounding board for complex decisions and strategies. From M&A, to where I'm "wired for success", to facing honest feedback, Steve’s insights have helped me excel both personally and professionally. I’m grateful that Steve took a personal interest in me and my career and appreciate the difference it has made in my life. Go Coach Steve!"

Vince Sandoval - CEO and Owner, Aircraft Component Design, LLC


 "Steve is at the “top of his game” and very intuitive coach. His ability to pinpoint areas of your personality (e.g., blind spots) that limit your success is amazing. After going through a life altering experience, I needed to understand not only what I would do next but to be confident in my decision. After a few meetings with Steve, he was able to identify that Negative Self Talk was keeping me from making my next breakthrough. Once he pin pointed the issue it was like a weight lifting off my shoulders.  Understanding the impact of out-of-control self-talk, combined with Steve’s strategy to combat it, I was able to completely eliminate it and its negative impact on my personal and professional life and move on to better outcomes.  Anybody in need of professional guidance – and that’s all of us – would benefit from getting to know Coach Steve."