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What is Self Talk?

Preview - The mind is a question-answering machine and should only answer when you ask it a question.  If it speaks to you, or just blurts out something negative, without you making a request, that's "self-talk".  It's like a pop-up window on your computer, you didn't ask for it, it just showed up.   Quiet your mind and you'll stop the self-talk!

Are you coachable?

Preview - There's a fine line between being "confident" and being "egotistical".  Be careful where you draw that line as it's often the point where others will not feel comfortable giving you constructive feedback.  And you need such feedback to grow personally and professionally.

Introverts, check out this method to reach out to prospects

Calling all introverts and anyone that doesn't like rejection when selling.  If you're not familiar with the "Stadium Pitch" strategy as promoted by Chet Holmes, in Chapter 4 of his book, The Ultimate Sales Machine, then you should be.  Why?  Because it's a proven technique that will serve you well as a rejection-free way to build rapport with a large number of prospects.  

How to be Both Happy on the Journey & Fulfilled upon Success

Here are some easy to implement ideas to be happy while on your long journey and to be fulfilled when you successfully arrive at your destination.   This is a common issue with UpandComers and good insights from Tony Robbins to have when you are determined to succeed.

My Top 50 Tony Robbins' Lessons from UPW and DWD

I selected the most impactful, easiest-to-learn and quickest-to-implement lessons … like immediately.  Each has been an “aha moment” for me or the many I’ve coached. All are proven to work; those that can help put your life into high gear and make you “unstoppable on your journey”. Tony has hundreds of these so this is just my curated subset.  Check these 50 out in 2 ways, see below, on my LinkedIn account at https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/...

How to Have a Good "In-Person" Conversation

It getting harder and harder to have good conservations with others as we spent more time in one-way communications like texting, emailing or even voice mails.  When we do have a chance to speak "live" either on the phone or in-person, there are some basic rules to follow to insure success.  Here's one, think of a conversation as a "game of catch".

RTI Relationship Funnel, where are you with your prospects?

Relationships evolve over a number of phases, here’s one way to track and measure your relationship building efforts. It’s called the RTI Relationship Funnel.  It includes 3 phases, Rapport, Trust and Influence (collectively called "Credibility").  The here goal is Success and that can include a Friendship, a Transaction or a Lasting Relationship.

The "All-Important" Handshake ... firm, aligned and timed

When you first meet someone or in subsequent meetings, make sure you break eye contact long enough to make sure your hand meets their hand properly (as in the image provided, "cup to cup") or you may misalign and grab their fingers or reach too far up.  And, consider staying in the handshake until they break away.

3 simple steps to follow when you first meet someone

After the handshake and with the goal of a positive encounter, here is a simple 3-step process when you first meet someone.  You may have an instinctive process now, but here's what I do that helps me put some structure around the process.  Check it out.

Where are you "Wired for Success"? Step #1 in any journey

The first step in any transformational journey is to figure out where in life you are wired for success.  We are all gifted in some areas and not so much in others.  Starting or continuing any personal or professional journey without this information puts you at a disadvantage.  Plus, I add a Tony Robbins' playlist to the image.

What's your story? We all have one, does yours help or hurt

Was interacting with some friends that had just came back from a Tony Robbins, Unlead the Power Within (UPW) event in Los Angeles.  They were reflecting on all they had learned (which was a lot) but focused on how they had stories they told themselves and others that created "limited beliefs".  Bottom-line, if your story doesn't empower you, change it!

INTROVERT - What does that really mean in the Myers Briggs

The words introvert and introversion in Myers Briggs are defined much differently than the stereotypical definitions we often hear.  In the world of "type". it's more about where you get your energy and where you put your focus.  For introverts, that's "internally;" and for extroverts, that's "externally".  If introverts can manage their one tank of gas, they can compete with anyone, just ask "Kobe Bryant".

Self-Talk, the what and the why it says what it says!

The mind is like a database, it has an index based on emotion and negativity.  When the mind is "needy" and wants to interact with us, it will use various ways to get us "into our head" to talk about the past or ponder the future, making us unconscious to what's happening around us.   It will use the most negative and most emotional entries in the database, those harsh things you've said to yourself or about others, you'll hear it a hundred times when the mind wants your attention.

Who is Coach Steve and why this mini-podcast channel

Met Coach Steve Pfrenzinger (aka Steve P) and hear why he created this channel for UpandComers of all ages.  Decades as an exec coach of professionals at Sony, Disney, Broadcom, PwC and more have provided Coach Steve P a wealth of proven and actionable insights on becoming unstoppable and he shares them in 2-minute chunks, making them easy-to-learn and quick-to-implement.

Tony Robbins - Using Pain & Pleasure and the "Stadium Pitch"

Many salespeople, especially those new to this role, face a lot of rejection getting started and in building their "book of business".  Learn how Tony's "Pain and Pleasure" principle and Chet Holmes "Stadium Pitch" approach can help you achieve your sales goals and better handle the pain and discomfort that often accompanies those efforts.

Tony Robbins - forget perfection and simply focus on progres

Perfection as a goal is as elusive as "zero defects", it simply costs too much.  If you insist on perfection you will slow your progress and increase your frustration.  Simply do your best in the time allocated and move on.

Tony Robbins - Make progress today? Sleep like a baby tonigh

Adequate sleep is a recurring issue with those I coach.  Most UpandComers stay up late and get up often at night to address ideas they get while in bed.  The key to sleeping well is realizing you can't finish your TTD list in one day, but if you can make progress each day, you can sleep well and make more progress tomorrow., after a good night's sleep.

Personal Branding Story #2, know your top 3 characteristics?

This story from the trenches provides a glimpse into the results from the many 360 branding surveys I've conducted and the likelihood that you don't know your top three characteristics.  Only 1 in 10 of you will take the time to find out, the others are potentially flying "blind" on this important topic.   I'll explain in a later "2-min mini pod" how to conduct your own 360 surveys.

Personal Branding Story #1, stories from the trenches

Stories from the trenches will highlight real-life coaching experience from my decades-long career as an exec coach. This one is about a marketing exec that didn't really understand his brand and spent hundreds of hours annually trying to support a brand characteristic he didn't have.

EDIT - Tony Robbins' - Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable

One of Tony's greatest lessons for me was that my moments of discomfort and anxiety (aka being uncomfortable) was not a sign I wasn't ready, unable or unqualified, it was simply my body telling me I was about to "learn something new".  This simple secret had me looking forward to being uncomfortable as I realized almost everything good in life stood behind some number fo uncomfortable moments.