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COACH STEVE'S BIO - what my x-factor did for me!


Short Coach Steve Bio - If I can do it, you can do it! You just need feedback!

  1. Forbes Coaches Council Member
  2. Coaching for 3 decades with "hundreds of successful coaching clients", both male and female
  3. Past coaching clients at Sony, Disney, Broadcom, PwC, Oracle, Tesla, …
  4. "Built and Sold" two 8-figure revenue tech staffing/consulting firms where I hired or oversaw the hiring of nearly 1,000 staff, sold over $100M in services revenue ... starting from very humble beginnings
  5. "Hall of Fame" angel investor, #1 of 300+ in the largest US angel association
  6. Expert on personality typing (and validation), personal and company branding, mindset management and journey monitoring, the 4 pillars of my program
  7. The originator of the "PIPO Model & Notation", a powerful extension-hybrid of both the Myers-Briggs and Big Five mental models, where it turned 16 MBTI profiles into hundreds of insightful variations
  8. Tony Robbins' fan and expert on his teachings.  Deep knowledge on the top "Life Lessons" from the "Greatest Teachers of Our Time", including, what to do when "s__t happens". 
  9. Coaching mastery in "Staffing/Consulting, Technology, Financial Services and Real Estate" industries
  10. "Writer and Speaker" with  dozens of published works and presentations 
  11. Many dozens of testimonials available from decades of successful coaching 
  12. "Cancer Survivor", just happy to be “alive” with a new lease on life
  13. Committed to helping you reach your full potential, it’s my purpose

About Us


Need an X-Factor, a Super Power? Get a coach!

What’s your goal? Grow the business, new clients, higher revenues, a more cohesive, self-aware team, improved retention, greater team performance, hitting new targets, settle disputes, gaining a purpose, learning how to quickly "read others", improve or mend relationships, instantly build rapport, or an increase in knowledge, income, status, fitness, or anything you or your team are passionate about or that helps them achieve their full potential or that of the team?  If you and your team are on that journey now or about to start it, you'll  need a coach and a proven plan.  Again, this is what Coach Steve does!

Not sure you need a coach?  Maybe Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt can change your mind.  Listen to this 1:26 snippet from their TED Talk on this subject. 


Need to become Unstoppable? Get honest Feedback!

Any long, life or career-changing journey to a substantial goal is filled with bumps, barriers, challenges, feedback, fatigue, crises and conflict.  

Subscribe today for the upcoming Pfrenzinger Self-Awareness Newsletter  filled with proven coaching advice, MBTI insights, ways to become self-aware, expose blind spots, dump baggage, song of the week playlist to rock out with, and answers to your submitted questions that can collectively help you "obtain and sustain" a transformational journey, and maintain an Unstoppable state of mind.  They'll  come periodically based on his schedule, but every month is the target,  

BTW - his song list starts with "Unstoppable" with Sia!  Second, Is "Life (will never be the same) by Haddaway.  Take a listen and feel the energy  on your transformational journey.


You're just one aha moment away ...

 “AHA” - a sudden moment of “insight”, for example; inspiration, discovery, realization or clarity (collectively “Enlightenment”), that can instantly lead to greater consciousness, determination, energy, confidence and an improved “state of mind” (making you “Unstoppable") at key junctures in your journey of transformation.  Like when you expose a professional blind spot, and discover and address its underlying issues.  Know Thyself!

Everyone needs a coach.  Coach Steve can give you comprehensive and timely feedback via his deep-dive assessments.  And, provide a proven and steady stream of simple-to-understand and easy-to-implement aha moments to help you keep your journey and your dreams alive.  And will include links to high-energy music to get you going.  See FAQ's for more detailed information on this blog and Coach Steve. 

And if a KITA approach is needed, Coach Steve can do that as well (think Wendy on Billions).