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SMB leaders with the shared goal of achieving $100M in revenue Or value!

SMB leaders with the shared goal of achieving $100M in revenue Or value!

SMB leaders with the shared goal of achieving $100M in revenue Or value!SMB leaders with the shared goal of achieving $100M in revenue Or value!SMB leaders with the shared goal of achieving $100M in revenue Or value!

What's your BFA - Bottomline - Blind Spots (aka baggage) are discovered via Feedback gained in deep-dive Assessments, remember that.  It's called BFA for short.  Or just Big Fing Aha, which it is for most.  



WHAT IS IT?  Two empowering programs, pick the one right for you.  First, we offer the  SMB 100 Mastermind.  SMB 100 is an ambitious group of small-to-medium-sized business owners and operators with a goal of $100M in revenue and/or value.  They use the 5-pillar Career Mastery Series to expose and remove personal and business blind spots (baggage) via feedback gained in deep-dive assessments.  Plus they have the synergy of like-minded business leaders sharing their wisdom to achieve their BHAG of reaching $100M in revenue and or value, as quickly as possible.


Second, sign up for just the Career Mastery Series and use the insights to clear your path of any blind spots (through "the power of feedback" via assessments) that might be slowing your professional growth. 

BFA - Bottomline - blind spots (aka baggage) are discovered via feedback gained in deep-dive assessments, remember that.  BFA for short.  Or Big Fing Aha, which it is for most.  

Also, if you're an up-and-coming executive at a company or an entrepreneur about to start one or in the early stages, the Career Mastery Series is likely right for you (if you'e not an SMB owner),


  1. Amazon AWS Consulting
  2. Contract Manufacturing 
  3. Storage Enhancement Technology
  4. Financial Services
  5. Tony Robbins Consulting
  6. Home/Apartment Builder
  7. CpaaS Communications
  8. Interior Design
  9. Software Re-engineering
  10. Aerospace Parts
  11. Fitness & Wine
  12. RE Broker Network

WHAT MAKES SMB 100 UNIQUE?    It has the decades of insights from an executive and business coach, Steve Pfrenzinger, that has used the "Power of Feedback", through 5 deep-dive assessments (called the Career Mastery Series), to fuel discoveries and adjustments that clear any baggage slowing or stalling progress.  Be it good or bad feedback, and even if it makes you uncomfortable, it will make it clear what has to be done.  And as a bonus, SMB 100 has the "Shared Wisdom" of a peer group to identify, develop and operationalize ideas to propel an SMB forward.  

BOTTOM-LINE - the above collectively facilitate breakthroughs!  And creates "coaches from those being coached".  Turning them into "life-changing teachers" of others within their business and personal lives. 


  • First - Each SMB 100 member will go through 5 deep-dive Career Mastery processes, one each for 1)  Personality Mastery, 2) Brand Mastery, 3) Mindset Mastery, 4) Visibility Mastery and 5) Journey Mastery.  The goal is comprehensive and timely feedback that will "clear your path" to success of any blind spots or baggage that could get in the way.   Plus, mastery of these processes will allow you to share them with others, to become the coach.  
  • Second - For Premium Members - your company's executive team can join you and will undergo Personality assessments (including determining the team's Group Type) and your company will undergo the Brand assessment.
  • Third - Weekly 90-minute group Q&A calls using Zoom will allow the Coach and members to address issues and get answers.
  • Fourth - SMB 100 Members can have reasonable, as-needed access to the Coach by email for confidential issues.
  • Fifth - Three times a year there will be an SMB 100 Mastermind event in a major city around the US.  Hot topics will be addressed that include traditional business issues like growth financing, strategic planning, exit/succession planning and more.
  • Sixth- later in 2020 a SMB 100  Facebook Page will allow members to interact, conduct Q&A and share business insights.  

                        IS THIS FOR YOU?

THE SMB 100 MASTERMIND AND CAREER MASTERY SERIES ARE RIGHT FOR YOU, if you are an ambitious SMB owner/operator, hungry for massive (BHAG) success and want to: 

  • Use proven, deep-dive assessments to gain comprehensive and timely "feedback" to discover and apply those often small changes that can bring "you and your company" massive results  
  • Know with certainty where in life you and your management team are "Wired for Success" and how to use that info
  • Know how to "hire right the first time" by knowing how to better match "talent to task"
  • Know how others really perceive you and your company (your brand, reputation and image) and where they think you need to improve
  • Know how you & your team can better "Manage the Mind" and quickly quiet the Voice
  • Know how you and your company can be  "better known" and more 'Visible" in your industry
  • Know how to become an Unstoppable leader in a "Transformational Journey" to $100M
  • Have a proven roadmap (the "Fast Track") to the "Top of Your Game!"  And your Company's!
  • And, have the bonus of the collective wisdom of your SMB 100 peers in the Mastermind


  • Bring YOU to the level of "Mastery" on these high-impact assessments so you can also teach others on your team, in your company, in your family, those important to you, the life-changing benefits of the "Power of Feedback".

AND IT'S  A BONUS if you are in these industries and/or roles, where the Coach has deep knowledge.  Tech Staffing/Consulting, Financial Services, Residential Real Estate, and Technololgy.

DO YOU FEAR HONEST FEEDBACK?  Many do.  But just know that feedback can be both negative and positive.  It can 1) confirm leverageable positives, 2) expose additional, under-utilized positives and/or 3) expose negatives (career baggage), that need to be addressed.  

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - Our first SMB 100 Mastermind thrice-annual event is tentatively set  for April 18, 2020 at the Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach, CA.   Free to SBM 100 members.  


Here's the solution formula: BLIND SPOTS + FEEDBACK + ASSESSMENTS (BFA) = DUMPING YOUR BAGAGGE AND BREAKTHROUGHS!   We all have blind spots that can stall our progress or certainly slow us down.  While most issues are often non-obvious they are usually little things we are simply not fully aware of and that are often quick and easy to resolve.  

PER TONY ROBBINS, "Small Changes Can Bring Massive Results".  He calls them "2 Millimeter changes".  

ARE YOU JUST 2 MILLIMETER (2MM) AWAY FROM PERSONAL AND BUSINESS SUCCESS?  The SMB 100 MASTERMIND group is designed to give ambitious business leaders like you the constructive feedback needed to address common blind spots in both career and business development.  Discover what may be holding you, your team and your company back and learn to address them to free your business to move the next level ($100M in revenue and/or value).  Again, it's often something very small and easy to fix in one or more of these 5 areas; 1) Personality Mastery, 2) Brand Mastery, 3) Mindset Mastery, 4) Visibility Mastery, and 5) Journey Mastery.   Where will the "Career Mastery Series" and constructive feedback take you? 

Continue reading and find out how the SMB 100 Mastermind group and the Career Mastery Series can help you utilize the proprietary deep-dive assessments needed to create a breakthrough to the next level and beyond.   Coach Steve's assessments, proven over the decades to make non-obvious discoveries, can quickly address and correct most issues.   Those that can result in massive growth in your personal and business efforts.  

Your X-Factor awaits!  That Super Power to "set you and your company apart" from others!  Those 2MM differences that can change everything! 

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In Just a Few Months, You Will:

BUT FIRST - In a sentence, the Business Mastery Series of assessments has the goal of helping you achieve "mastery" of gathering the comprehensive and timely feedback needed to expose your blind spots, and make the changes that such discovery indicates.  

Such feedback can expose good, neutral and/or bad information.  It can 1) confirm leverageable positives, 2) expose additional, under-utilized positives and/or 3) expose negatives (career baggage), that needs to be addressed.  In many ways it's like "a box of chocolates", as Tom Hanks once said, "cause you never know what you're gonna get".   But, you'll be amazed how often the needed changes are small in nature and easy to implement   Like so many problems in life, simple "awareness" is half the solution.  So, become aware and you're on your way.  Even if it makes you a little uncomfortable in the beginning, before you know what it is!

How can these proprietary and predictive assessments make such a difference?  Because we are so impacted by what we believe that when we hear the truth we believe it and that can change everything.  We go from "THINKING TO KNOWING", and that certainty is the ultimate empowerment.  We stand taller, make better eye contact, have a firmer handshake, speak with greater confidence, and we gain what is called, "Presence" with our certainty.

When I read these words "You are wired for success in careers involving the management of human resources" in my first personality test profile decades ago (and that was core to my servcies business), it moved me.  I believed it and I changed instantly.   I went on to major business and financial achievements that started that day.   A few words on paper written in a profile changed my mindset and my life forever, as I became "unstoppable".  Let me help you experience the power of going from "Thinking to Knowing" you're destined for success.  

Why do all this?  Because it works and because there are empowering and actionable insights in a set of proven and predictive assessments that can "Expose Your Blind Spots", become your "Tipping Point", your "X-Factor" in your pursuit of success, of goals, of purpose.  Those "Aha Moments" that can make a huge difference.  

Career Mastery was that for me and hundreds that I've coached!  These powerful and unique  assessments cover 5 specific areas, 1) Personality, 2) Brand, 3) Mindset, 4) Visibility and 5) Journey.  More on these below.  Don't miss my "in-depth" webinar for more details!  See "How to Get Started" page below. 

Plus, if you're in the Financial Services, Tech Staffing/Consulting, Angel Investing, Real Estate, and/or Technology industries, I have deep and actionable insights to share on the topics below. 

NOW for more detail on "what you get out of this" - In Just a Few Months, FEEDBACK WILL ALLOW YOU TO:

  1. Achieve "Business Mastery" via deep-dive assessments and expose any blind spots or baggage which can, once addressed, be the "Tipping Point" , that extra "2MM" difference in your career and/or business, your "X-Factor for the "lifestyle" you want!  
  2. Identify your core strengths and weaknesses, your natural “giftedness” and be certain where in life you are “Wired for Success”
  3. Learn how going from “Thinking to Knowing”  (T2K) changes everything.  You'll stand taller, speak more confidently, make better eye contact, have a firmer handshake, and your "empowered body language" will give you that magic ingredient called "Presence" (a sense of ease, poise and self-assurance)
  4. Discover your public “Brand” and "what others really think about you" and your company, and where to improve (be that 1 in 10 that does this, while the others are "flying blind")
  5. Obtain and sustain that “Unstoppable” mindset in all your undertakings and use it to drive "Massive Action" toward your goals.   
  6. Know how to “Manage Your Mind” and quiet that “Voice” in your head.  Be in charge of your mind, not the other way around 
  7. Become an expert at matching “Talent to Task” when picking people.  Be able to select the right candidate, the first time
  8. "Confidently Pursue" a new career, start a new business, grow a company, hire a new team, solve big problems and many other big goals
  9. More "Deeply Understand" those closest to you, your co-workers and your family. Know what to expect from others and how to handle thier actions.  
  10. Identify, hire and retain "Top Talent" in your industry (e.g., "Financial Services)" .  Tired of high drop out rates on newbie advisors?  Here's the solution
  11. Know how to use the latest in "Top of Funnel" marketing to become more “Visible”, "Better Known” and “Differentiated” in your industry (e.g., "Tech Staffing-Consulting")   Become "Known to be Great", fast!
  12. Be able to “Fast Type" (read, size up) others in real time and instantly adjust (e.g., your customers and prospects).  Close more deals by quickly understanding your prospects 
  13. Confidently "Pick Winners" among hundreds of early-stage (angel) ventures ("Hint – it’s the Jockey")   I recently helped an associate turn $100K into $1.8M in just a few years.  Become #1 in your investing group, just as I did! 
  14. Lastly,  have instant access to "Top Lessons" from the "Great Teachers" of our time to sustain your "Transformational Journey".   Knowledge is useless if its not on the tip of your tongue, on instant recall.  This power to say the "right thing at the right time" awaits you 


The bigger the goal, the more important your team will be!


Career Mastery and Teams, Pick Right the First Time!

Above, I mentioned, "You Will:", 

1) Become an expert at matching “Talent to Task” when picking people


2) Identify, hire and retain "Top Talent" in your industry (e.g., "Technical Staff")

I hired or oversaw the hiring of nearly 1,000 staff, mostly for my staffing and consulting clients, but often for my own businesses.  There are several ways to approach team building, here are a few:

1) if they are all going to do the same thing, like a group of newbie advisors in the Financial Services industry, then you hire to a tight target profile and monitor their journey (progress), as the failure rate is quite high.  I know it well, having had some massive successes here.  I'll teach you the secrets 


2) If they are a leadership team, with diverse roles and responsibilities, then you hire to the target profile for each role and introduce "Team Typing", the next step after individual typing.  Know your team's type

That's where Career Mastery comes in as you can be far more certain of success when you add "Personality Type" to your standard issues of experience and cultural fit (e.g., employee focus, values, building relatioships, etc.).

Career Mastery made me a lot of money on this topic!  What will it do for you and your team?

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How to Get Started - 4 Simple Steps!



STEP #1 - review this website.

STEP #2 - Read this website in detail or listen to my upcoming and "in-depth" webinar and get to know me better and what I offer, LINK

On this website and lengthy (in process) video I'll tell you all about me, what I've done and how you'll benefit from the Career   Mastery Series and its 5 Assessment Pillars: Personality, Brand, Mindset, Visibility and Journey.  Here's a personal tidbit,

As an INTJ researcher at heart, I do love to go deep, but not for the sack of greater details, but to identify those keys concepts and facts so others don’t have to do the same.   My long-time motto has been "simplify, summarize and share" (SSS).   You need just enough knowledge on a topic to discuss it and be able to find the details when you need them. Don’t be siloed. Don’t be burdened with the curse of the“expert”, the need to go deep on a few subjects at the expense of breadth of knowledge.  The broader you are with a moderate but actionable level of knowledge (and where to find the deep knowledge on-damand), you're better off than being deep and narrow.   Don't have the  sense that you need to know it all. It's just not true, you only need the key concepts, important facts, and where to find more  facts when needed and how to apply them.  

What happens at the end of this webiste or upcoming webinar?  Will you get a heavy sales pitch?  No?  If you like what you hear on the webinar, schedule a 1-on-1 call with me to introduce yourself and your goals, and we can collectively decide if this is good for both of us.  We call it a Discovery Call.  No pressure as we both want to get it right!

FREE Bonus - Stay until the end and I’ll give you a form to complete and I’ll run a personality assessment on your significant other and two of your young children (5-15), for free and send you a 10-12 page profile on each of them.  You'll be amazed.  

STEP #3 - Discovery Call (after the website or the webinar video).  Again, this an opportunity for us to bond and for me to understand your goals/challenges/issues and make sure we are a good match and if I feel I can assist.

I don't accept coaching assignments that I'm not certain I can deliver on! 

STEP #4 -if I'm the right coach, SMB 100 is the right peer-based mastermind, and the Career Mastery  Series is the right "fast-track" roadmap program for you to expose any blind spots and address them, and "GO FOR IT".  T

PRICING - here are two baisc options, start with joining the annual SMB 100 group program, or on a quarter-by-quarter basis.  And, add the Premium Program and add your executive team and your company itself to the Career Mastery assessment processes.